We are Morgan and Kate.


Morgan grew up in Los Angeles, visiting her Durango family every year developing a deep connection with the land and community here. Morgan completed the 2017 Old Fort Farmer in Training Program, learning through experience how to successfully farm in southwest Colorado. Her passion for growing food stems from a passion for cooking — every meal is an opportunity for beauty and fulfillment. 

Kate has been involved in farming for the past 6 years. From Brooklyn, NY, she and Morgan met at Bard College in New York's bucolic Hudson Valley, where Kate started farming — she worked on various homesteads, dairies, and market gardens throughout her time in the region. Growing food has become the keystone in her life, as well as her passions for singing, drawing, and whittling spoons. 

About Our Farm.

As new and young farmers, we are extremely grateful for the family and community resources that are allowing us to begin this venture. As land prices increase, it is becoming more and more difficult to procure the space and resources necessary to start small farms.  For the 2018 season Long Table farm is located in Hesperus, just west of Durango at the Old Fort Farmer Incubator program, on 1/4 acre of land. Additionally, we lease 1 acre in the Florida River Valley, just south of Durango.  

Learn more about the old fort programs here: